What Can I Do About Blisters On My Toes?

Blisters are painful. Everybody knows that. Blisters on any part of the foot can be a real inconvenience. Heel blisters are probably most common but it's possible to get blisters on or in between toes, or on any part of the foot where there is friction. Blisters on toes can be especially difficult to prevent and heal due to relatively small surface area and those hard to reach places. Read more about how to prevent blisters here. 

Blisters On My Heel

Blisters on the heel are common. New shoes, or walking long distances can usually cause friction between the shoe and your heel. Blisters on the heel take a while to heal which makes wearing any kind of footwear painful. If you've suffered from heel blisters and tried Blis-Sox, you'll know how the gel-lined, anti-blister socks absorb friction, impact and pressure to keep your heels feeling comfortable and pain-free all day. (If you've suffered from heel blisters and haven't tried Blis-Sox, maybe you should?!)

But what if your boots or shoes are causing blisters and sore-spots on your toes or other areas of the foot??

Well, the good news is that we've adapted the same top quality TPE gel used in Blis-Sox to create a new solution for blisters on your toes, the not-very-creatively-named Blis-Toes! As well as that, we've also sourced an even more advanced gel to sort out blisters in other problem areas, in the shape of our new Blis-Blox!! (We are rather proud of that name though)

Prevent Blisters On Your Feet

In addition to giving great comfort and protection from blisters, both new lines are washable and reusable up to 30 times, and can be cut to size to ensure a perfect tailored fit for every occasion.

Both Blis-Toes and Blis-Blox are available now from zurego.com and there's a couple of great introductory offers available too:

  • Save 20% when you buy both Blis-Toes & Blis-Blox
  • Get Blis-Toes absolutely free when you buy the 2 new products and a pair of original Blis-Sox!

So, whether you are looking for an instant fix for painful toes, or to stop your boots rubbing blisters on the top or sides of your feet (or pretty much anywhere else!), then new Blis-Toes and Blis-Blox might just be exactly what you need!


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