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Those of you who read the August edition of Country Walking Magazine may have seen Blis-Sox reviewed in the Gear Cupboard Section. Each month the Editor and other contributors test out walking and hiking equipment. Country Walking magazine’s Gear Cupboard is separated into different sections; highlighting new innovative products, jargon busting and product testing.  The Blis-Sox review went as follows: 

Blis-Sox Product Review

‘Tested Over Time’



Tested by: Nick Hallissey, Deputy Editor

“Actually it’s my daughter who’s been testing these. 14-year-old Molly has struggled with blisters for years, but these Blis-Sox have solved her problem. You wear them under your normal socks and they work thanks to a soft polymer gel lining which provides cushioning and reduces friction. Breathable and washable, they’ve made a massive difference for Molly in everything from light hiking shoes to her pride-and-joy Doc Martens. And to target specific problems, the same British brand has now come up with Blis-Toes: individual toe sleeves with the same moisturising gel, sold in packs of four (two large sleeves for big toes, to regular-size sleeves for the rest). Great ideas, worth checking out if blisters have made walking more of a pain than it should be.”

country walking blister prevention review

Blister-Prevention Products

In addition, we have extended the range to include Blis-Blox, a re-useable ‘blister patch’ to use wherever you have blisters or irritation.

More information on these blister-preventing products is on our Zurego footcare page.

Multibuy Discounts 

  1. Buy Blis-Sox and Blis-Blox together and get Blis-Toes FREE
  2. Buy Blis-Toes and Blis-Blox and get 20% off 

Discounts will be automatically applied at the checkout when using the links on any of our Blis-Sox/Blis-Toes/Blis-Blox anti-blister products pages.


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