Foot Care

Blis-Sox® prevent heel blisters with their tough, comfortable patented gel lining.


Blis-Sox® are a simple but amazingly effective way to prevent and protect heel blisters. The secret to Blis-Sox®’s outstanding comfort is the soft but tough thermoelastic polymer gel which is bonded inside the heel area of the flexible, seamless open-toed sock. The gel absorbs friction and impact shock around the heel, protecting the skin from abrasion injury, as well as reducing heel strike impact on every step.

You can wear Blis-Sox® under any regular sock, the thin design is intended to minimise extra bulk, so they are suitable for use in all but the very tightest footwear.

Whether running, hiking, rambling, golfing, playing sports, on manoeuvres, or even just dog-walking or sightseeing, Blis-Sox® give you great protection from heel blisters all day long. Wear them from the start of the day, or keep them to hand in case in case of discomfort. Blis-Sox® can be put on to protect an existing blister, even if it has perforated, but bear in mind that they are not a medical dressing and should not be used on broken (i.e. bleeding) or infected skin

The open toe design means Blis-Sox® fits a wide range of adult foot sizes with ease.

They come in 2 sizes, to fit UK sizes 3 to 11 and 7-14. Select your preferred size below. 

Blis-Sox blister prevention for golf and golfers