Blis-Toes - Reusable Toe Comfort Sleeves
Blis-Toes - Reusable Toe Comfort Sleeves
Blis-Toes - Reusable Toe Comfort Sleeves
Blis-Toes - Reusable Toe Comfort Sleeves
Blis-Toes - Reusable Toe Comfort Sleeves

Blis-Toes - Reusable Toe Comfort Sleeves

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Blis-Toes® by Blis-Sox® reduce impact and friction on toes for instant comfort and protection.

The polymer gel in Blis-Toes® stays in place without adhesive, meaning you get all-day protection and comfort.

Suitable for sport, running, hiking, walking, golf, sightseeing, gardening or DIY.

Safety tested, hypoallergenic, odourless, washable and reusable.

  • 2 sizes to fit all toes.
  • Cut to size for perfect fit
  • Thin and flexible for long-lasting comfort
  • Washable and reusable. Hand wash, rinse thoroughly, air dry

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Paul Toothill
Excellent product for trail running

My current trail running shoes rub on the right big toe. It’s a shame as they are otherwise really comfy shoes. Whilst not really a problem on shorter runs, it becomes a problem on longer runs, and particularly on downhill sections. The longer the run, the more severe the rubbing gets. I had previously used plasters around the big toe for longer runs (beyond 10k distance). I find the plasters typically become dislodged and the rubbing starts again. I heard about this product, whilst looking for an alternative to plasters. I thought I’d give them a try on my big toe on a recent 15k trail run. The product didn’t move at all on the run. I couldn’t feel the product on my toe whilst running and importantly, the area which had suffered previously from the rubbing was absolutely fine after I’d finished. What a great product. Blis-toes now forms part of my “essential” trail running support gear. I thoroughly recommend them.

Mike Whitford
Really Comfortable

Really comfortable for mountaineering, easy to fit and stop the rubbing and discomfort straight away.

Thanks so much for the great review Mike, we're really happy that you have found Blis-Toes to be helpful!

Allan Bolton
Types of toe problem

A major strength of Blis-Toes is that they cover the whole toe, so that the end isn't exposed. I bought them for a 2nd toe which has a painful corn, and for a 3rd toe which is a hammer toe, i.e. bent! Blis-Toes are excellent for the straight 2nd toe, but on the hammer toe, during use they slide off, even though I've used the thinner of the two sizes and pulled them fully over the toe. They have a gentle effect on the skin.

Dawn Simpson
Great for chillblains

Was having trouble with chillblains on my toes which wouldn't heal up because swollen toes were rubbing on my running shoes. Bliss Toes solved the problem and I'm now back to running regularly and chillblains have cleared up. Delivery was quick and I would not hesitate to recommend the product or Zurego as suppliers

Pam Walton
Perfect solution

These were recommended to me by a walking friend (Sally Andrews) after I had commented on often I get blisters between 2 little toes after some of our longer walks. It wasn't until I got a large blister on my big toe & also on the little toes that I decided it was time to order these. They arrived very quickly & are so easy to use and comfortable and NO MORE BLISTERS!! These are highly recommended!

Thanks Pam (and Sally!), great to hear that word is getting around about Blis-Toes! So pleased that you found them as effective as we do.