FAQs - Otostick

1. How do I use Otostick?

It's really important to position Otostick correctly, and best if you can get someone to help you to start with.

First, clean the area behind the ear and on the scalp thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based cleanser or toner to remove all dirt, grease and moisture from the skin.

Second, BEFORE REMOVING THE PAPER FROM THE OTOSTICK, find the best position for the corrector to give the desired effect. The corrector should be applied to an area of the head with no hair for best results.

Third, remove the paper protectors from one side of the Otostick prosthetic taking care not to touch the adhesive surface. Apply with firm pressure to the exact point of the ear identified to give the desired result. Ensure all edges of the corrector are well stuck down.

Finally, remove the protective paper from the other side of the corrector and, making sure all hair is out of the way, push the ear straight back with firm pressure against the head. Again, ensure all edges are fully stuck down.

After a short while, you can continue with your normal activities, including sport or taking a shower or bath.

The corrector should stay in place for between 3 and 7 days depending on the user's ear shape, skin type and time needed to adapt to the product.

After 7 days maximum, remove the corrector and allow the skin to breathe overnight before reapplying Otostick the next morning following the same steps used earlier.

Otostick is suitable for use from 3 years old. It is available online and from selected pharmacies.


2. How comfortable is Otostick? Will I feel it when it's in place?

Like any physical change, you may be aware of it at first, but once the product has been worn for a short while, you should not feel it at all. It may take time to get the best results, be patient and you will find what works for you to keep the correctors in place for as long as possible. Our advice is to give Otostick a try, apply them carefully, get someone to help you if at all possible. Most people find they no longer notice them after just a few hours or maybe days. Don't give up too soon, the benefits are worth a bit of effort! You may need to carefully shave a tiny area of scalp if the hairline is getting in the way of the best position for Otostick.


3. How long will Otostick remain in place?

Most users find that each Otostick corrector remains in place comfortably for 3 to 7 days. If Otostick does not last this long for you, pay extra attention to cleaning the area (use an alcohol based cleanser/toner) and if possible, get help from someone to position and apply the corrector until you get used to doing it for yourself.


4. Can I wear Otostick in the bath/shower and to sleep in?

Yes, there is no reason why you can't wear Otostick for bathing, swimming, gym or any other leisure or sporting activity or for sleeping in. However if discomfort does occur for any reason, discontinue use and contact us as soon as possible.


5. Can I wear Otostick with spectacles or sunglasses?

Yes, Otostick are designed to be worn with spectacles or sunglasses. Depending on the best position for Otostick on your ears, it may be necessary to adjust the arms of your spectacle frames slightly to maintain a perfect fit.


6. Does Otostick have any side effects?

Otostick has no known side effects, if you do experience any problems, you may find the following tips useful

Slight discomfort when Otostick is in place.
Check that Otostick has not been applied onto hair strands and that skin is not being pulled, or the ear being twisted in any way. Some users may need to adapt their ears gradually by wearing the product for a few hours and taking it off when it starts feeling uncomfortable. Increase the time the product is left on until your discomfort ceases.

The product comes off earlier than expected/normal.
Otostick has been designed to be replaced approximately once a week, after any initial adjustment period has been completed. If the product comes off earlier than shown in the instructions, we advise you to re-read the instructions carefully and follow all steps precisely. Poor adhesion can occur if the skin has not been thoroughly cleaned before using the product. We recommend using an astringent cleanser or toner product which suits your skin type.

Skin redness or irritation.
Otostick contains no known allergens. If redness occurs, especially in the case of children, it may be necessary to hydrate skin exposed each time the product is removed. Always ensure the skin is thoroughly cleaned before applying a new Otostick corrector


7. How should I use the Otostick product?

Otostick is a product that can be used continuously or just for special occasions or to suit particular hairstyles. It is a disposable product and each corrector is designed to last up to one week. Otostick can be worn for showers, baths, swimming, exercise, sport etc. Each pack of 8 gives up to 4 weeks use when applied to both ears.

A short adjustment period (up to two months) may be required for the user to become comfortable with the new 'corrected' ear position. It may also take time for the person applying the product to learn how to place it correctly in accordance with the instructions. Otostick may remain in place for less time than normal during this period, although not in all cases.

Each Otostick must be removed after 7 days and the skin given at least 8 hours to 'breathe' and recover before applying another Otostick. Failure to to this will result in the skin becoming over-hydrated and damaged which will prevent the Otostick from working effectively. See FAQ 11 for more information.


8. What does Otostick contain exactly?

Otostick is made from clear medical grade silicon, formed into a strong, flexible and almost invisible device. The device has a hypoallergenic adhesive that gently but firmly bonds to the skin at each side to keep the ear close to the side of the head, effectively correcting excessive prominence while the device is in place.


9. Will Otostick correct my ears permanently?

Otostick produces a temporary corrective orthopaedic effect in children 6+ and adults by providing or deepening the fold we have in the upper end portion of the shell of the ear (or pinna). It will not reduce the size of the pinna, this is only possible with surgery. Before deciding to use Otostick as a corrector method, first test to see if the ear reaches a suitable, comfortable position when held against the head, without being stretched, folded or twisted.

We have evidence of Otostick leading to permanent correction in children aged between three months and six years after 12 months' regular use. See our page "Otostick Baby - Medical Study Proves Effectiveness" for more details.



10. Where can I see more about Otostick?

Video showing how to use Otostick can be found on Zurego YouTube channel....


or click the following link; How to Apply Otostick

For more information, please contact us via email at info@zurego.com.

Email - info@zurego.com
Website - www.zurego.com


11. I'm a regular user but Otostick have stopped sticking for as long as usual. What's the problem?

This can happen if regular users don't replace Otostick at least every 7 days or if not enough time is left between applications for the skin to breathe and recover after removing the previous Otostick.

It may be tempting to leave each Otostick on for as long as possible, and they are capable of staying in place for much longer than the 7 days that we recommend. However as Otostick is not breathable, if left for longer than 7 days the skin can become macerated, or over-hydrated, which may cause damage to the outer layers of the skin. In turn this will mean that new Otostick correctors will not stick properly, as well as risking more serious long term damage to the skin.

Please follow instructions carefully, replace Otostick every 7 days maximum, and leave at least 8 hours between applications, longer when possible.


12. How can I make Otostick last longer?

The easiest and quickest way to make Otostick last longer is to ensure that the area behind the ear is 100% free of oils, moisturisers and cosmetics (including shampoo/conditioners). Do this using a plain soap and water, or an alcohol based cleanser. Do NOT use créme or moisturising cleansers as these contain oiks and other substances which will reduce the sticking power of Otostick.

Also, when applying Otostick, it is REALLY important to not touch the adhesive surfaces with your fingers before you apply to the ear and scalp, as this will reduce the sticking power of Otostick. Always hold each corrector by the edges when applying, this is especially important after removing the paper protectors.

Otostick will remain in place for up to 7 days if you pay close attention to this guidance on how to prepare the skin and apply Otostick properly.


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