Should We Still Protect from UV in the Winter Season?

Protection from the Sun

It is a well-known fact that you need to use protective barriers like sun cream in the summer. What is less well known, is that you should really be thinking about looking after your skin all year long.

Sun cream is a product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV radiation) and helps protect the skin.

How do UV rays affect the skin?

Two types of UV light are involved in the process of damaging the skin, UVA and UVB. UVA rays have a longer wavelength, ageing the skin, and UVB has a shorter wavelength, associated with skin burning. *

These rays undeniably affect the skin; however, did you know that UVA rays make up 95% of the light rays that reach the Earth? And that they are present all year round, not just in the Summer? 

UVB rays are reduced in the Winter (there is less chance of sunburn), however signs of aging such as sunspots, liver spots and wrinkles, can still be caused by UVA rays (which go much deeper into the skin) any time of the year. ** 

Protecting against this kind of effect on the skin is paramount.

Reduce the appearance of age spots

Here at Zurego, our Spotner Anti-Agespot Appli-Pen is a product designed to reduce the appearance of age spots and pigmentation caused by exposure to sun rays.

Importantly, the SPF 50 of this product works against further pigmentation, making it a protective product, renewing affected skin.

We think Spotner is a revolutionary product, and it can be applied to important areas such as the hands, face, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy winter!




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