Otostick Baby - Single Pack
Otostick Baby - Single Pack

Otostick Baby - Single Pack

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Are you concerned that your baby’s ears stick out too much? Maybe it’s a family trait that you’d rather your children didn’t have to inherit? Then perhaps new Otostick® Baby is for you.

Otostick® Baby permanently reduces the angle of prominent ears in a non-invasive, discreet and painless manner with regular use1. The product is hypoallergenic and suitable for continued use*.

Adult version also available

Permanent surgical solutions (known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty) are available to correct excess prominence of the ears but are not recommended until a child is older2. In fact ear correction accounts for around half of all cosmetic operations in under 18s3. If you would prefer not to wait years for a solution, or simply avoid the trauma of surgery, then maybe Otostick® Baby can help.

Otostick Baby® is a small, practically invisible silicone prosthesis which keeps the ear close to the head using a specially developed hypoallergenic adhesive. It is discreet, painless and does not require a prescription. Use the supplied cap to prevent baby pulling at the ears to avoid potential choking hazard. Otostick Baby® is registered as a Medical Device Class 1 throughout the EU.

This issue may seem trivial to those who have not experienced it but, as with many other perceived physical 'abnormalities', it can have a very serious psychological impact on the individuals concerned. Even innocent or playful comments can lead to self-consciousness. This self-consciousness can in turn lead to lack of confidence, avoidance of social situations, unwillingness to wear the hair in certain styles and other behaviours driven by or leading towards low self esteem. In the worst cases, verbal and even physical abuse or bullying can be experienced.

A study in North Staffordshire found that the correction of protruding ears in children aged 5-16 years reduced or ended bullying in 100% of cases, it increased levels of happiness by 97%, self-confidence by 92% and improved social experience for 79% of the affected children4.

All of these potential issues could be avoided without the need for surgery with a simple and painless solution which can be applied from 3 months – Otostick® Baby.

Key Benefits

  • Permanent improvement observed in a recently published study
  • 90% of subjects aged 3-72 months obtained correction of between 3mm and 10 mm after a period of 12 months
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can be used on one or both ears as needed
  • FAST, and guaranteed delivery (See Shipping Policy for full details. Note: UK Mainland – Express. Next working day delivery if ordered before 1.30pm. This service will be delivered Monday to Friday ONLY- e.g. orders placed after 1.30pm Thursday will be delivered the following Monday)
While improvements were observed in all age groups from 3 months to 5 years during the study, the greatest degree of improvement was in children aged under 3 years1. As the child grows and the ear cartilage becomes less flexible, a permanent improvement is less likely to be achieved. Otostick original is also available for older children (3 yrs+) and adults, giving an instant improvement in the appearance of prominent ears, however permanent effects have only been observed in under-5s.

3 years or older? Try original Otostick®

Otostick® corrects and prevents excessive separation of the ear, giving a very natural appearance. Each single-use corrector can remain in place for up to 7 days if correctly applied, you can even bathe, swim and carry on with all your usual activities. They can be used as needed, are painless to remove and have no side effects or irreversible effects. Otostick® can be used from 3 years old and above. Quick and easy to use, Otostick® has an immediate effect, helping you and your loved ones to instantly feel more confident about your appearance.

Otostick® is registered as a Medical Device Class 1 throughout the EU. CE mark

The product was created by worried mother Francisca Gamero, who was concerned that her young daughter's ears were becoming very prominent due to often being folded as she slept. She began to use plasters to hold them in place, then tried several other 'specialist' products but, while she saw improvement, she found them fiddly and difficult to use.

Rather than simply giving up or waiting until her daughter was old enough for a surgical procedure to correct the problem, Francisca decided to create a better solution - Otostick®. The design and materials were developed with help from University experts in Francisca's native Spain, with a unique hypoallergenic adhesive created especially for this product. The product is now sold internationally and has helped thousands of people to feel more confident about their appearance.

*Otostick® and Otostick® Baby should be changed every 7 days, leaving the product off overnight or for at least 8 hours to allow skin to breathe before applying a new corrector.

1: Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2016;70:119-25.
4: J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2009 Feb;62(2):190-4, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18032121

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aliya Haq
So far so good

It’s been a week using the net and the ear stickers
I can say so far I’m quite satisfied with the product
Depends on the final result so I can’t say
For now , no sticking issue , 7 days it’s been on
Net cap amazing product , my child is not fussed
All in all a happy mum / customer

Amazing solution

I am so pleased with the product and service. I caĺled and a nice lady talked me through on the cap use which my baby never liked.
My little angel just clocked 4mths and first use seems so perfect. It sticks so effortlessly and stays for days, I look forward in getting her ears less pointy.

Nancy shardan
They don't stick! Very disappointing

They don't stay in, after hours they are removed alone, very disappointed

Dear Nancy, if Otostick Baby are not staying in place, this is almost always because there are still traces of oils or moisture on the skin behind the ear. Many toiletry products contain oils or emollients which can stop Otostick from sticking as well as normal. Be sure to clean the area with warm water and a plain soap (non-moisturising) or an alcohol-based cleanser/toner. Ensure the area is totally dry before applying the Otostick. Also, be very careful not to touch the adhesive surfaces with your fingers after removing the paper protectors, as this will also reduce the sticking ability of the Otostick correctors.