Prioritise your health this World Health Day

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Thursday April 7th 2022 is World Health Day. What are you doing to prioritise your wellbeing?


World Health Day is celebrated annually, drawing awareness to the health of humans and the planet. Another important aim of the day is to initiate action, to ‘foster movement to create societies focused on well-being’.


Considering wellbeing in addition to the planet as a whole is intrinsic to our values here at Zurego.


Here’s our advice to make those important steps to being healthier this World Health Day:


  1. Stay refreshed and drink water daily. Water has so many benefits, but staying hydrated will fend off headaches, and prevent other health issues.
  2. Take breaks when you need them. Whatever it takes for you to alleviate stress, this may be a long run, simply being still and mindful, focus on your breathing.
  3. Start the day with a positive. Whether this be a quick meditation, a nutrient-rich breakfast, a facial routine, some form of regularity to your schedule will kickstart a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Prioritise sleep. This means switching off distractions, create better sleep hygiene by not allowing screens past a certain time, and keeping your sleep as regular as you can personally maintain.
  5. Stay active. This could even just be a brief walk around the block, but being outside and breathing the air, whether you are active in or not, has proven health benefits.


What products do we offer that benefit both humans and the planet?


  • Blis-Sox, our blister prevention product to encourage you to do that walk, run, that intense exercise, without any pain from blisters.


  • Sutu Natural Drinking Straws, our reusable, sustainable and 100% natural straws that you can take anywhere due to their thin and light nature.


  • Otostick, original ear correctors that are discrete, for those who are insecure about their ears.



  • Exfolimate, our answer to giving you younger and fresher looking skin, a tool with micro-groove technology, to gently lift skin cells and debris.


All our products are designed with you (and the planet) in mind. Spend some time on yourself this World Health Day, doing whatever will be best for your wellbeing.

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