Otostick Ear Correctors

Do you feel that your ears stick out too much? Are you embarrassed by your ears? Do you have to choose a hairstyle that covers your ears? Then perhaps Otostick is for you.

Otostick ear correctors instantly reduce the appearance of prominent ears painlessly and without surgery. 

    Otostick original ear correctors have a smooth, curved design for maximum discretion, they are transparent and virtually invisible once in position. The effect of Otostick is only likely to be temporary in adults and older children (6 years +), and the ear will return to its normal position after the Otostick is removed. For more information see our FAQs

    However for younger users the effects can be permanent, Otostick Baby has been proven to reduce ear prominence in children from 3 months up to 6 years old after 12 months' regular use. This offers a genuinely effective alternative to more complex and costly correction procedures and could totally avoid the need for corrective surgery at a later stage. For a summary of a medical study into Otostick Baby published in a leading Spanish paediatric medicine journal, click here.

    Otostick Baby ear correctors are smaller, but with a thicker connector to minimise the chances of breakage if baby accidentally pulls at them. The cap included in each pack is intended to minimise this risk, and to ensure that the correctors cannot be accidentally broken or removed. For more information on Otostick Baby, see the product page here, or check out our FAQs.