FAQs - Blis-Sox

1. What causes blisters?

According to www.nhs.uk, ‘Blisters are most often caused by skin being damaged by friction or heat. The damaged upper layer of skin (epidermis) tears away from the layers beneath and fluid (serum) collects in the space to create a blister.’

Blis-Sox - Prevent and Protect Blisters


2. How do I use Blis-Sox?

Wear Blis-Sox as you would a normal sock. You can wear them next to the skin, or over your normal socks. If worn next to the skin, the vitamins and natural oils in Blis-Sox will moisturise your skin directly. Either way will reduce friction and help stop blisters.


3. Which size of Blis-Sox should I buy?

The material in Blis-Sox is very flexible and each size fits a wide range of shoe sizes. The 'regular' size is suggested for UK shoe sizes 3-11, the larger size Blis-Sox is suggested for UK sizes 7-14. If you’re in the 7-11 size range, choose the smaller size if you have a slim foot or need greater support around the ankle, or the larger size for wider feet or require a less snug fit.


4. Can I wear Blis-Sox if I already have a blister?

If you already have a blister, Blis-Sox will help prevent any further damage to the area by absorbing friction and sheer forces. We don’t recommend wearing Blis-Sox for any length of time if skin is broken or infected. If necessary for short-term relief, Blis-Sox can be worn directly over antiseptic cream to minimise further damage until a proper first aid dressing can be applied.


5. How comfortable are Blis-Sox?

Very! The material in Blis-Sox is very flexible, seamless and the gel lining around the heel and lower Achilles tendon area gives effective protection to the areas of highest impact.


6. How long will Blis-Sox work for?

We recommend use for up to 30 washes. Replace if you see any deterioration in the performance of the gel lining or any damage to the fabric outer sock.


7. How long should I wear them for?

Blis-Sox can be worn for up to 8 hours. We don’t recommend any longer as your skin may become over-hydrated (or macerated).


8. Can I wear Blis-Sox to sleep in?

Yes. If you have dry, hard, callused or cracked skin, you can wear Blis-Sox overnight or whenever is convenient to help soften and moisturise the skin. Use to improve the effectiveness of any hard skin remover or pedi-treatment.


9. Can I wear Blis-Sox with any type of shoe?

They might look a bit odd in your designer high heels on the red carpet, but Blis-Sox can be worn with pretty much any closed shoes, boots or sports shoes.


10. How do Blis-Sox work?

Blis-Sox have a patented ThermoPlastic Elastomer lining, which has great shock and sheer force absorption ability, to reduce the chances of a blister forming. It also releases a combination of ceramides (vitamins E and F forte), shea butter and aloe vera to effectively moisturise, protect and help repair the skin


11. Do Blis-Sox have any side effects?

No, there are no known side effects from wearing Blis-Sox. If you experience any discomfort or irritation, discontinue use immediately and report the problem to us at info@zurego.com. If you have diabetes or circulatory impairment, please consult a healthcare professional before using.


12. How should I use the product?

12. Wear Blis-Sox under your usual socks. They pull on just like a normal sock, but have open toes for maximum flexibility. Wearing next to the skin releases a combination of ceramides (vitamins E and F forte), shea butter and aloe vera to effectively moisturise, protect and help repair the skin.


13. Can I wash Blis-Sox?

Yes. Hand wash at 30°C, rinse thoroughly and air dry.


14. What does it contain exactly?

Blis-Sox are latex-free. Blis-Sox gel lining contains: Paraffinum liquidum, persea gratissima oil, olea europea oil, canola oil, jojoba oil, vitis vinifera, ceramin, vitamin E acetate, aloe vera, fragrance.


15. Do Blis-Sox contain latex?

No, Blis-Sox are latex-free.


16. Will it help my cracked or callused heels?

Yes, the unique gel formulation in Blis-Sox helps to heal and soften callused, dry and cracked heels. Wear during the day or overnight and you’ll notice a difference within hours.


17.Which activities are Blis-Sox suitable for?

Wear Blis-Sox to prevent and protect blisters during any sports and leisure activities where heel blisters can occur (so probably not swimming, let’s be sensible here!). Walking. Hiking. Ski-ing. Snowboarding. Skating. Running. Jogging. Golf. Football. Rugby. Racquet Sports. Fitness. Dance. Fitness Classes. Cricket. Lacrosse. Rambling. Fell Running. Morris Dancing (maybe, never tried it....)