There is a better way to deal with blisters

Blis-Sox are a simple, quick and amazingly comfy way to stop boots and shoes causing blisters around the heel area. Using a hi-tech thermoplastic elastomer gel which is tough but highly flexible, Blis-Sox are open-toed socks which can be worn under any regular sock to absorb impact, friction and sheer forces (or in other words, stop the rubbing that causes blisters to form on the skin!)

They are mega-stretchy and so each Blis-Sox size fits a wide range of shoe sizes, choose from size 3-8 for smaller feet or a tighter, narrower fit, or 7-14 for larger or wider feet.

Blis-Sox are not intended to be used as a wound dressing, but will protect existing blisters or hot-spots from further damage until you can dress them properly when you get to your destination or next rest stop. If used before blisters or discomfort begins, then they can comfortably be worn for up to 8 hours a day. Any longer than this and the skin around the heel may become overly hydrated as though the sock is highly breathable and effectively wicks moisture, the gel area itself is not breathable.

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