National Walk to Work Day 2021

April 6th 2021 is National Walk to Work Day in the UK. I'm sure you can figure out what that entails!
Taking simple steps (literally!) and making small changes to your daily routine can improve your health, and could pay dividends years down the line. Getting involved in National Walk to Work Day on April 6th 2021 is an easy way to put you on the right track to a healthier you, and might also encourage you to be mindful of your carbon footprint.

Sounds easy, right? But we're well aware that walking, running, hiking, rambling, golfing and playing sports of any kind can be a painful experience if you're out of practice. So if your walk to work might put you at risk of foot blisters, we've got you covered.
If blisters might usually stop you from such an activity, the Blis-Sox range is designed to protect your feet and prevent friction that causes blisters, either on the heel, toes, or anywhere else on your feet. Take a look at our foot care range (Blis-Sox, Blis-Toes, and Blis-Blox) for more information. 
blister prevention blis sox range

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