Otostick - For Adults and Children 3 years+

Do you feel that your ears stick out too much? Are you embarrassed by your ears? Do you always choose a hairstyle that covers your ears? Are you thinking about having your ears permanently "pinned back" or wishing you could afford to? Then perhaps Otostick ear correctors are for you.

Otostick instantly reduces the appearance of prominent ears painlessly and without surgery. 

Otostick original ear correctors have a smooth, curved design for maximum discretion, they are transparent and virtually invisible once in position. The effect of Otostick is only likely to be temporary in adults and older children (6 years +), and the ear will return to its normal position after the Otostick ear corrector is removed.

Otostick ear correctors can be used for specific occasions, to suit a certain hairstyle, or they can be worn regularly and will stay in place for up to 7 days (note: please replace each Otostick ear corrector after 7 days to give skin time to 'breathe' before applying another).

If you are considering ear-pinning surgery, known as Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty, then Otostick allows you to see what a difference it could make, without committing to the cost and discomfort of a surgical procedure. Many Otostick users find that Otostick gives them more of a confidence boost than they could ever have imagined, it has transformed lives.