Otostick - Single Pack
Otostick - Single Pack
Otostick - Single Pack
Otostick - Single Pack
Otostick - Single Pack

Otostick - Single Pack

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1 pack (8 correctors)

Do you feel that your ears stick out too much? Are you embarrassed by your ears? Do you have to choose a hairstyle that covers your ears? Then perhaps new Otostick is for you.

Though permanent surgical solutions (known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty) may be available to you, if you are not ready for that yet, or can't afford it, then maybe Otostick can help.

Otostick® is a small, practically invisible silicone prosthesis which keeps the ear close to the head using a specially developed hypoallergenic adhesive. It is discreet and painless, does not require a prescription, and can be used continuously, or just for specific occasions or to suit particular hairstyles.

Otostick Baby also available for children under 6 years of age.

 Key Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Transparent and practically invisible in use
  • Natural appearance
  • Instant results
  • Use as often or as little as you choose
  • Can be used on one or both ears as needed
  • FAST, and guaranteed delivery (See Shipping Policy for full details. Note: UK Mainland – Express. Next working day delivery if ordered before 1.30pm. This service will be delivered Monday to Friday ONLY- e.g. orders placed after 1.30pm Thursday will be delivered the following Monday)

Otostick® corrects and prevents excessive separation of the ear, giving a very natural appearance. Each corrector can remain in place for up to 7 days if correctly applied, you can even bathe, swim and carry on with all your usual activities. They can be used as needed, are painless to remove and have no side effects or irreversible effects. Otostick® can be used from 3 years old and above. Quick and easy to use, Otostick® has an immediate effect, helping you and your loved ones to instantly feel more confident about your appearance.

Otostick is registered as a Medical Device Class 1 and is certified for sale throughout the EU. CE mark

The product was created by worried mother Francisca Gamero, who was concerned that her young daughter's ears were becoming very prominent due to often being folded as she slept. She began to use plasters to hold them in place, then tried several other 'specialist' products but, while she saw improvement, she found them fiddly and difficult to use.

Rather than simply giving up or waiting until her daughter was old enough for a surgical procedure to correct the problem, Francisca decided to create a better solution - Otostick®. The design and materials were developed with help from University experts in Francisca's native Spain, with a unique hypoallergenic adhesive created especially for this product. The product is now sold internationally and has helped thousands of people to feel more confident about their appearance.

For Children under 3 years of age, try Otostick Baby.

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Hughes

Bought for my daughter who has been so self conscious about her ears she would not wear her hair up or back happy to say these really worked. Only negotiate is I will have to keep purchasing



Miracle product

I love these little miracle workers. It is just so nice not having your ears sticking out through your hair constantly. They have given me so much more confidence. They only need changing once every 7 days. Thankyou Otostick


I was sceptical about these but they are absolutely brilliant!!!! Slightly fiddly to use at first but once I got the hang of it they stay on for five or six days before I remove them and have a one or two day break,could leave them on longer and probably will do!! Will be stocking up,my confidence has improved massively,thank you so much xx

Thanks so much for your lovely review Helen! You're doing exactly the right thing by leaving a day or two before applying the next Otostick. We know it's tempting to leave Otostick in place for as long as possible, however we always suggest removing after 7 days as the skin underneath can become over-hydrated (or macerated to use the technical term) if left on for too long which then stops Otostick from sticking properly and it can take up to a couple of weeks to get back to normal.

Kathleen King
Little miracle workers

I love those little stickers! They are comfy to wear (I mostly forget about them) , easy enough to apply once I had the hang of that, they perfectly accommodate my glasses and they make a huge difference to my appearance. What more could I possibly ask for? Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the person who invented these!

Thank you so much for your lovely review, it really is appreciated! We'll pass on your comments to Francisca who invented Otostick, it's always fabulous to hear that the product is helping in this way.