Blis-Sox - Size 8-14 (EU 41-49) - GREY
Blis-Sox - Size 8-14 (EU 41-49) - GREY
Blis-Sox - Size 8-14 (EU 41-49) - GREY
Blis-Sox - Size 8-14 (EU 41-49) - GREY

Blis-Sox - Size 8-14 (EU 41-49) - GREY

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Blis-Sox® prevent blisters around the heel, meaning that you can walk and run further and longer in comfort, whatever your activity.



NEW PACKAGING- Now in card, not plastic!

Blis-Sox® reduce impact and shear forces around the heel for amazing comfort and protection when walking or during any other activities. 

Blis-Sox® Benefits

  • Absorbs impact & shear forces around heel & Achilles tendon
  • Reduces friction to help prevent and protect blisters
  • Non-abrasive and won’t cut or scratch your skin
  • Wear under your usual socks

Odourless, washable and reusable up to 30 washes.

  • Soft stretch fabric holds anatomically designed gel pad securely in place
  • Seamless for optimum comfort
  • Vented fabric design, allows for better breathability of the skin
  • Can be used with creams and heel treatments
  • Washable and reusable. Hand wash, rinse thoroughly, air dry
  • FAST, and guaranteed delivery (See Shipping Policy for full details. Note: UK Mainland – Express. Next working day delivery if ordered before 1.30pm. This service will be delivered Monday to Friday ONLY- e.g. orders placed after 1.30pm Thursday will be delivered the following Monday)
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      Wear Blis-Sox for; Walking. Hiking. Golf. Running. Jogging. Football. Rugby. Sightseeing. DofE expeditions. Breaking in new shoes. Work boots. Wellies. Improved shoe comfort all day.


      If you have diabetes or circulatory impairment, please consult a healthcare professional before using. Do not use on broken or infected skin. Discontinue use immediately if discomfort or irritation occurs. We do not recommend wearing for more than 8 hours to avoid over-hydration.

      Blis-Sox® are designed to prevent and protect heel blisters, they are not intended to be used as a wound dressing and are not registered as such, we therefore caution against using Blis-Sox® on broken or infected skin.

      However Blis-Sox® are suitable to use as a short-term or emergency measure even if blisters have perforated or broken, as blisters are generally only a partial skin-depth issue rather than a full depth break of the skin.

      We recommend that any perforated or broken blisters should be properly cleaned and dressed at the first opportunity with an appropriate sterile dressing, but Blis-Sox® can then be worn over the dressing to provide maximum protection.



      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Geoffrey WAterston
      Not nearly as good as they used to be

      Gaving used the product happily for a few years now my more recent purchases have not performed at all well. On a recent walking holiday in the Scottish highlands, most of the padded zone was warn off after one days usage.
      The product works but is too expensive to only get one days use per pair. Has the manufacturing process or spec changed?

      The best thing you’ve bought!

      The socks have been a life saver ….. so much so I will be ordering another pair ! My 15 year old son decided to do rugby two nights running with trainer socks on ! Resulting in an extreme blister on the back of his heel ……. Panic struck as he is attending a rugby camp for 5 days in a weeks time …… the socks have been our saviour and he even said ‘they’re the best thing you’ve bought ‘ ….. huge thank yous.

      Thanks so much for your lovely review Paula, we hope that Blis-Sox help make it an enjoyable rugby camp for your son!

      Allan Bolton
      Good, could be better

      For a dose of plantar fasciitis, I bought an orthotic from Boot's, Neo G, which is padded under the heel and took away much of the pain from heel impact. Now that the condition seems almost cured, I tried Blis-Sox as I've a tendency to get sore heels on multi-day treks. One strength is that the gelled area is quite extensive so, even if they slip in use, any sore spots remain protected. However, I find they can work quite loose (maybe I have thin ankles) so that they slide out of original place. They still feel good though. I think they could be more tightly elasticated and the under-heel area should be more defined, perhaps with a little extra padding -- not as much as in an orthotic though.

      Thank you for this really useful feedback Allan. If the larger size Blis-Sox feels a little loose, you should maybe try the smaller size. While we say they are for sizes 3-8, because of the open-toe design, they are still suitable for those with larger but narrow feet. They should be a little more snug-fitting. We are looking into more specific products to help plantar fasciitis sufferers, we'll let you know if we have any prototypes to try out in the near future.

      A miracle!

      A miracle in the Pyrenees.

      For years I have been ravaged by heel blisters. My problem was made worse by surgery on my Achilles tendon a couple of years ago which left scar tissue down the back of my heel. Having tried everything (including the ridiculous) to avoid them, I accepted that for me it was simply about managing the problem and sucking up the pain.

      I have had more and more frequent mountain hiking and mountaineering trips over the past few years (2 Alps trips and 1 Pyrenees trips in the past year). I bought these before my recent trip to the Pyrenees (Spain - Alto Aragon, rated as one of toughest hikes in Europe). 7 days hiking averaging ascents and descents of 1000 meters per day over a distance of approx. 20 miles most days. I expected the usual to happen; that is my heels starting to breakdown by halfway through day one. I was amazed at the end of the first day when not only did I have no blisters, I didn’t even have a hotspot. This was how it stayed, everyday expecting blisters to start but nothing. I ended the week without even a blemish on my heels.
      Lastly, both Blis-soxs were almost entirely intact at the end of my trip – slight degrading of gel on one heel but hardly noticeable.

      For me, these have been miraculous and I cannot recommend them more highly – they have removed the one thing that would get me down when hiking!