Blis-Sox® - Blister-Free Bliss

The Blis-Sox range from Zurego Ltd. offers comfort and protection for active feet.

Prevent blisters and sore spots on heels, toes and pretty much anywhere else on feet and ankles with Blis-Sox. Perfect for all forms of hiking, walking and running, and even more leisurely pursuits like sightseeing, dog walking or golf.








Our original Blis-Sox blister prevention socks are gel-lined around the heel to reduce impact and friction forces for amazing comfort and protection. The super-flexible seamless, open-toed design provides optimum comfort for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. Choose from adult shoe size 3-8 or 8-14 (if you're unsure on sizing we'd recommend going for the smaller size if you have narrow feet, or if you're planning a challenging route or intense session). Wear them under your usual socks for all day comfort and protection. 


Blis-Toes® by Blis-Sox® reduce impact and friction on toes for instant comfort and protection.

The polymer gel in Blis-Toes® stays in place without adhesive, meaning you get all-day protection and comfort. They come in 2 sizes to fit all toes (each pack contains 2 large and 2 regular sleeves) and they can be cut to size if needed for a perfect fit. Blis-Toes® are washable and reusable, (Hand wash only, rinse thoroughly and air dry)


Blis-Blox by Blis-Sox® reduce impact and friction wherever you need them for instant comfort and protection from blisters and hot-spots.

The silicone gel in Blis-Blox is occlusive, meaning it stays in place without adhesive, so you can put it where you need it, whenever you need it.  Blis-Blox patches can be cut to size for a perfect fit. The thin and flexible sheets offer long-lasting comfort.

The entire Blis-Sox product range is washable and reusable. Simply hand wash, rinse thoroughly and air dry to keep them in perfect condition.

Available from independent outdoors retailers, Amazon, or direct from Zurego Ltd. Just click on the product images above to buy.