Blis-Sox - UK/US Size 3-11 (EU 35-45) - BLACK
Blis-Sox - UK/US Size 3-11 (EU 35-45) - BLACK
Blis-Sox - UK/US Size 3-11 (EU 35-45) - BLACK
Blis-Sox - UK/US Size 3-11 (EU 35-45) - BLACK

Blis-Sox - UK/US Size 3-11 (EU 35-45) - BLACK

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NEW COLOUR - Now available in Black.

Blis-Sox® reduce impact and sheer forces around the heel for amazing comfort and protection when walking or during any other activities. The advanced polymer gel in Blis-Sox® slowly releases nourishing oils that soften and moisturize skin.

Blis-Sox® Benefits

  • Absorbs impact & sheer forces around heel & Achilles tendon
  • Reduces friction to help prevent and protect blisters
  • Non-abrasive and won’t cut or scratch your skin
  • Wear under your usual socks

Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, odourless, washable and reusable.

    • Provides deep hydration to dry, chafed, cracked or damaged skin
    • Soft stretch fabric holds anatomically designed gel pad securely in place
    • Seamless for optimum comfort
    • Vented fabric design, allows for better breathability of the skin
    • May be used with creams and heel treatments
    • Washable and reusable. Hand wash, rinse thoroughly, air dry

    UK/US shoe sizes 3-11, EU 35-45 also available in Blue

    Larger size in Grey (fits UK/US sizes 7-14, EU 41-47)


    If you have diabetes or circulatory impairment, please consult a healthcare professional before using. Do not use on broken or infected skin. Discontinue use immediately if discomfort or irritation occurs. We do not recommend wearing for more than 8 hours to avoid over-hydration.

    Blis-Sox® are designed to prevent and protect heel blisters, they are not intended to be used as a wound dressing and are not registered as such, we therefore caution against using Blis-Sox® on broken or infected skin.

    However Blis-Sox® are suitable to use as a short-term or emergency measure even if blisters have perforated or broken, as blisters are generally only a partial skin-depth issue rather than a full depth break of the skin.

    We recommend that any perforated or broken blisters should be properly cleaned and dressed at the first opportunity with an appropriate sterile dressing, but Blis-Sox® can then be worn over the dressing to provide maximum protection.

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